his year the dance competition will be a "demo version", there will be no winners or losers. We invite dance groups to perform with a three-minute show in any style. All participants are already finalists, all will receive diplomas of the laureates of the competition.

One team will receive an audience award. The Audience Award during this event will fully depend on the people watching the show. Everyone will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite dancing group. The winning team will receive an additional diploma and a cup.

This year we do not have a jury, we have a team of experts. Our experts are professional dancers. Their main task is to help us create a truly professional competition next year, noticing good and bad sides of this year's performances. This year the jury will evaluate choreographic training and team work, which can be an example for the competition in 2020. The experts will have four evaluation criteria: 1. Choreographic composition (idea, structure, use of space, realization of the idea by dancers). 2. The level of choreographic training of young dancers (according to their age). 3. Stage performance (expression, costumes, acting, musicality). 4. Teamwork (synchronisation, partnership, mutual understanding in the team). For each of the criteria, the maximum score is 20, the total maximum score is 80 points from each expert. But the results of the expert evaluations will be shown only to teachers - after the concert we will sit at a round table together to discuss what the competition should be next year.

At the end of the concert, we will call all the groups to the stage, hand out diplomas, declare all the winners and finalists, tell that everyone was at the forefront of creating a new dance competition. And each team will hear good words from the jury.

Amateur and on stage performance groups (from 6 to 24 people) are invited to participate in the competition, the age of participants is from 10 to 18 years. The contest participants are divided into subgroups by age categories and by the number of people in the group:

Age groups:
I age group: from 10 to 13 years
II age group: from 14 to 18 years

Dance groups:
Groups of 6-12 people
Groups of 13 or more people

The competition program includes a dance routine in any style. Mixing styles is allowed. Change of participants is not allowed, all members of the group must be on the stage from the beginning until the end of the performance. The duration of performance should not exceed 3 minutes.

A teacher shall send an email at, indicating the group/team name, as well as the full name and contact details of the teacher. It is also necessary to indicate the quantity of group member and age of participants.

* A school, a dance center, a creative team can submit several applications for participation in the competition, that is, the representatives of the organization can participate in different nominations and in different age categories. The participation of the same artists in different dance groups of the same school is not allowed, but the participation of the same artist in the performances of two different schools is allowed.

Applications for participation in the competition will be accepted until 31/10/2019.

The following audio formats are accepted: MP3, WAV.
The sound record shall be sent at: until 05/11/2019.
Upon arrival at the contest, the participants must bring with them a USB with the duplicate sound records.

The Jury assesses the participants by awarding points on a scale from 1 to 20, taking into account the technical capabilities of the team, composition, the complexity of the program, stage performance (plastic, costume, performance culture) and artistic impression. The final score is formed by summing up the scores of all the jurors.

In addition to the main evaluation criteria, the Jury will pay special attention to the team work, interaction and mutual understanding in the group.